Enrollment Agreement & School Catalog

2019 Certification Programs

Training runs year round, except for these holidays in 2019:
1-1; 4-19; 5-27; 7-4; 9-2; 11-28 & 29; 12-24 & 25

Enrollment dates: Any time at least two business days before first class date

Entrance Requirements: Manufacturing career-oriented adult workers

Training location:
Manufacturers Alliance
8421 Wayzata Blvd., Suite 190
Golden Valley, MN 55426

Attendance policies:
Leave, class cuts and unsatisfactory attendance
– Up to 2 years* without permission from the administration
– Class absence must be made up – unless permission is given to test out satisfactorily
– Must attend at least half of class or it becomes an absence

*Unofficial Withdrawal:
If a student fails to attend without providing official notification, the withdrawal date will be the last date of attendance reported by an instructor on a class roster or other documented source. This date will be maintained in the student’s academic file.

*Official Withdrawal:
A student is considered officially withdrawn if the school’s registrar or their delegate is notified by the student or their representative of their intent to withdraw. The date the notification is received is the withdrawal date.

Grading policies:
The grading system consists of test scores, project papers and presentations per the standards that follow:
Online tests
must be passed or failed based on a set minimum of correct questions answered. Failures may be re-tested after 24 hours.
Project papers
submitted must be reviewed and approved as an acceptable real application of lessons learned in class and judged beneficial by a project-involved peer, a supervisor and our industry-knowledgeable administrative reviewer.
Project presentations
must be voted satisfactory by the majority of a group of industry-experienced peers.

Probation: Test failures may be re-tested, and project papers or presentations may be re-submitted.

Re-enrollment: Inactive students may re-activate within two years of last participation without special permission of the administration. After that, a Certification fee may be imposed.

Conduct Policy
– No intentionally disruptive or illegal conduct permitted.
– Severe violation of the above Conduct Policy.

Fee schedule:
We charge tuition and service charges only. There is no additional charge for books, supplies, tools or activities; and there is no equipment required.

2019 fees. Member and non-member rates shown

This online application and enrollment agreement is legally binding once accepted unless cancelled per Refund Policy/Buyer’s Right to Cancel.

Refund Policy/Buyer’s Right to Cancel:
Each student will be notified of acceptance/rejection in writing. In the unlikely event a student is rejected, all tuition and fees will be refunded.

Notwithstanding anything to the contrary, if a student gives written notice of cancellation within five business days of the execution of the enrollment or day on which the student is accepted, but before the first lesson, then a complete refund is given regardless of whether the program has started.

If a student gives written notice of cancellation after 5 business days of the day of acceptance, but before the start of the program, student will be accessed 15 percent of tuition, fees, and other charges (15 percent not to exceed $50)

If student gives written notice of cancellation after the start of the program but before completion of 75 percent of the period of instruction, student is accessed pro rata portion of tuition, fees, and all other charges based upon the number of days in the term plus 25 percent of the total program (25 percent not to exceed $100)

Any notice of cancellation shall be acknowledged in writing within 10 business days of receipt of such notice and all refunds shall be forwarded to the student within 30 business days of receipt of such notice.

This refund policy is not linked to any student conduct policy.

Written notice of cancellation shall take place on the date the notice of cancellation is postmarked/date stamped when delivered to the school. Cancellations can be emailed to: ma@mfrall.com

Course outlines:
Also see our website: www.mfrall.com, then “Certifications"

Lean Practitioner Certification
Lean Manufacturing Techniques

To compete in today's environment, manufacturing companies need to actively support continuous improvement with Lean operations. How can you learn the skills and techniques necessary to implement Lean in your organization? Start by becoming . . . Lean Practitioner Certified

  • 6 course schedule
  • Knowledge retention exams - after each required course
  • Pragmatic coaching to help you apply what you have learned
  • Practical application projects - demonstrated twice in-house
  • Certification awarded - in as little as six months

Lean Leader Certification
To reap the full benefit of Lean methodologies, the entire organization must be transformed through effective leadership and systems that influence behavior and sustain a culture of improvement. To lead your companies lean transformation become…Lean Leader Certified

Knowledge, training and experience with basic lean techniques is a prerequisite.

  • 6 advanced-level course schedule
  • Practical leadership demonstrated in-house
  • Reviewed by Peer Group peers
  • Certification granted

6 Sigma Green Belt Certification
Offered in a 3-class series of 8 hours each that must be taken in sequence.

These courses will allow all attendees to participate in interactive exercises that demonstrate in a practical manner the application of basic 6 Sigma principles and problem-solving tools. The application of these improvement techniques applies equally to the plant or office, whether service or manufacturing.


  • 6 Sigma strategies & impact
  • DMAIC methodology
  • 6 Sigma project definition
  • Data collection and display
  • Basic data analysis
  • Implementation & control techniques

Supervision Fundamentals Certification
To ensure your company’s long-term success, effective supervision and leadership needs to be in place. However, all too often those with the best individual performance are promoted to lead and supervise others without adequate training. How do you minimize your company’s risk and maximize your team’s positive performance and cohesiveness?  Start by becoming… Certified in Supervision!

  • 6 workshops be completed in as little as four months
  • Online knowledge retention exams – after each required course
  • Two practical application projects – demonstrated in-house
  • Certification Awarded

Previous work/training credit:
Students with applicable work experience or training in a Lean subject area may take and pass a test for that subject and substitute an applicable elective course.

Complaint procedure:
Complaints and positive feedback are accepted on feedback sheets after every class. All direct complaints from any source are reviewed by administrative staff and are escalated to a weekly management staff meeting for discussion, assignment and follow up.

Manufacturers Alliance Officials: 
Kirby Sneen, President
Susan Moldenhauer, Admissions Manager

Disclosure Statement:
Manufacturers Alliance at 8421 Wayzata Blvd., Golden Valley MN 55426 is licensed as a private career school with the Minnesota Office of Higher Education pursuant to Minnesota Statutes, sections 141.21 to 141.32. Licensure is not an endorsement of the institution. Credits earned at the
institution may not transfer to all other institutions.

Office of Higher Education
1450 Energy Park Drive, Suite 350
St. Paul, MN 55108

Antitrust Compliance Policy
It is the policy of the Manufacturers Alliance to comply with all federal and state antitrust laws; and avoid any appearance of improper activity that may constrain competition with reference to product price, quality, or distribution; nor restrict the competitive opportunities of competitors, suppliers, or customers. Given the expense of antitrust investigations and litigation, it is important that every individual involved in our Association activities both comply with the law and behave in a manner that does not suggest that the law is being violated.

It is illegal to enter into an agreement or understanding (no matter how informal) with a competitor concerning a course of conduct that unreasonably restrains trade. Therefore, in connection with any Association meeting or other activity, never discuss or agree with a competitor concerning any of the following subjects: Prices, future prices, or pricing policies; including anti-competitive informal, unwritten understandings. Mere suggestions or exchange of information regarding specific prices, pricing intentions or price-related terms and conditions, can lead to antitrust investigations. Specific terms or conditions of doing business with customers, such as specific credit terms and credit availability, discounts, rebates, warranty terms, return policies, and so forth; profits or profit margins; Specific market shares of any competitor; the nature of a bid, one’s intent to bid or not to bid, for particular business; a willingness to serve only certain customers or territories, or to build only certain types of products.