Setup Reduction

July 15th 2020 08:00 am to 12:00 pm at Golden Valley Training Center

Excellent workshop for machine operators! Send teams to learn how to reduce setup times and eliminate waste on virtually any operation or machine. Participants will learn the tools necessary to conduct a setup reduction event.  These tools will then be applied to a simulated process, where they will identify wastes, make improvements and track their progress. Various options to “sustain the gains” achieved during the process will also be covered. Participants are asked to record a 10-15 minute video of a machine set up to include footage from the last good piece of the previous product/run to the first good piece of the next product/run. This would include all the “tear-down” process of the current product/run as well as the preparation work involved with the new product/run (material handling, paperwork, tool changeover, etc..). A .mov file format works best. Send the video to by March 25.

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Members: $335.00
Non-members: $435.00