Leading & Managing From the Middle

May 14th 2020 07:30 am to 9:30 am at Hennepin Technical College Brooklyn Park Campus

How Do You Lead from the Middle? Managers need to help their team be successful and manage executive’s expectations so there aren't any "surprises". But they also get asked to help with cross functional projects and participate in planning meeting’s consequently, take on more work and wear yet another “hat.” So how do you provide your team resources and manage the demands of Sr. management while keeping your sanity? Join us to leverage the experience of your peers and learn how to stop being stretched too thin and start keeping it all together.

Presented by Jaci Dukowitz, Chrissy Peloquin and Bruce Roles

Co-sponsored by HRExpertiseBP

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Educational Seminar

5 Attendees Free
Non-Member: $65.00