Training Grants

It can be a large financial investment to develop a critical mass of problem solvers who all use similar improvement techniques and speak the same language. Subsequently, if you are awarded a grant and receive funding, you need to ensure maximum training effectiveness by using the best proven instructors – those that actively practice what they train.

Customized training offered by the Manufacturers Alliance may be subsidized by a state grant available through the Department of Employment and Economic Development (DEED). The Manufacturers Alliance can assist your company as it prepares and applies for a training grant by:

  • Providing information on current grant programs
  • Offering proven College resources to help you apply for the grant
  • Designing and delivering the best custom training
  • Providing support throughout the grant application process


Tap into state funding to subsidize your custom workforce training needs. Our previous training customizations have included:

  • Lean Manufacturing Problem Solving
  • 6 Sigma Problem Solving
  • Supervision and Leadership Fundamentals


To learn more about how the Manufacturers Alliance can partner with you on state funded training grants contact us at