Peer Group Facilitation

Facilitating a peer group can be a rewarding experience for many reasons including: making lasting professional connections, leading others in identifying, discussing and solving problems, as well as participating in benchmarking tours. If you want to look beyond your four walls for best practices and gain from a trusted network of peers, facilitate a peer group.


  • Peer Group and Company Membership at no charge
  • Enroll in any Workshop or Certification at no charge
  • Earn a bonus for every non-member meeting you help set up
  • Expand your professional network of trusted peers
  • Become a better leader of leaders 

“Facilitating the Executive Operations Peer Group provided me an opportunity to get to know other Executives and see first hand how they are teaching and coaching others to solve problems. It also allows me to gain valuable insight into how these leaders are dealing with many of the same complex business issues I am.”

Dave Deal
VP Operations


  • Production Management
  • HR Management
  • Operations Management
  • HR Executive
  • Senior Operations
  • Finance Executive
  • Executive Operations
  • Sales & Marketing
  • Lean Enterprise
  • Quality Management
  • Advanced Lean Enterprise
  • Product Development
  • Business Process Improvement
  • Warehouse & Distribution
  • Owner & CEO 
  • Supply Chain Management
  • Presidents
  • Safety Management
  • CI Practitioner



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