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Better Leaders & Problem Solvers

Manufacturing Specific Training & Education

Develop a culture of

Train your workforce to become an army of problem solvers and we know you’ll remain competitive.

If you’re not developing your workforce…

  • People will do what’s always been done
  • People will guess vs. follow a process
  • You will lag behind your competition


Your company

Membership Benefits

Practical Podcast

Complimentary access to the best practices your peers are using to remain competitive

Educational Webinars

Complimentary access to practical improvement ideas & leadership perspectives

Actionable eCoaching

Complimentary feedback that will help you overcome barriers to making improvements

Experiential Workshops

Member pricing on the training you need to solve problems and develop a cohesive team

Professional Certifications

Member pricing for lean or leadership credentials & coaching to apply what you learn

Benchmarking Peer Groups

Member pricing to learn how others are improving and see best practices in action

Annual Membership Fees
2-300 employees $475
301 or more $675

The process to develop your workforce is simple

  • Step 1

    Become a member

  • Step 2

    Schedule an orientation

  • Step 3

    Learn practical skills

  • Step 4

    Get better results

CI Culture Assessment

Learn how deep-rooted your culture of continuous improvement really is then learn how to develop it further. 

A Practical Podcast

For everyone in manufacturing that wants to learn what it takes to become a better leader and problem solver.