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If you’ve trained your workforce to become an army of problem solvers we know you’ll remain competitive.

If you don’t get serious about developing your workforce…

  • People will do things because that’s the way they’ve always done it
  • You won’t have time to make all the improvements yourself
  • Employees won’t reach their potential
  • Your pace of improvement will lag behind the competition


Your company

Membership Benefits

Practical Podcast

For results oriented manufacturers that want to stay on top of lean and leadership trends.

Live Educational Webinars

Get practical improvement ideas and fresh leadership perspectives presented live online.

On-Demand Training Videos

Overcome challenges and enhance your teams effectiveness when you want.

Experiential Workshops

Learn the skills you need to solve problems and develop a more cohesive team.

Practical Certifications

Gain credentials, apply what you learn, and show measurable benefit to your company.

Benchmarking Peer Groups

Learn how others are improving, overcome challenges, and see best practices in action.

PLUS! Manufacturer of the Year Awards & Conference

Recognize best in class manufacturers for their willingness to share improvement experiences with their peers. Then learn from the keynote, breakouts, and benchmarking tours.

Annual Company Membership Dues
2-300 employees $455
301 or more employees $655

The process to become a member

  • Step 1

    Submit the application

  • Step 2

    Schedule an orientation

  • Step 3

    Learn and apply practical skills

  • Step 4

    See your team get better results

Employee Engagement Series

In this complimentary video series you will learn how manufacturing leaders have improved employee engagement and what you can do to replicate their success.

A Practical Podcast

For results driven manufacturers that want to learn diverse perspectives on what it takes to become a better leader and problem solver.