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Overcoming Material Delivery Delays

Kat Perron
Manufacturers Alliance Podcast Ep. #77

From supply lines down, to high demand and competition, if you’ve experienced material delivery delays you won’t want to miss Kirby’s conversation with Supply Chain leader Kat Perron!

Preventing Burnout

Leigh Erickson
Manufacturers Alliance Podcast Ep. #72

In this week’s episode, Leigh Erickson and Kirby Sneen discuss how you can find your groove, work in your sweet spot, and get things flowing better so you have the energy required to tackle more problems without experiencing burnout.

Top Traits of Problem Solving Teams

David Badger
Manufacturers Alliance Podcast Ep. #75

Have you ever been working with a team on a process improvement project and thought to yourself, “There has got to be a better way?” If you have, you won’t want to miss Kirby’s conversation with manufacturing executive David Badger.

Recession Proofing Your Business

Josh Howard
Manufacturers Alliance Podcast Ep. #74

Have you wondered about how you would position your manufacturing business so you can weather an economic storm? On this week’s episode Kirby Sneen and Josh Howard, Chief investment officer at Bremer Bank, discuss the nuances of what makes up a recession, and what you can do now and in the future to best position your business to avoid the impact of a slowdown and continue to grow.

Competitive Compensation Adjustments

John Hacker
Manufacturers Alliance Podcast Ep. #73

John Hacker, the head of Finance for Design Ready Controls, shares how they ensure compensation adjustments are fair for the individual, in line with the market, and something the company is proud to offer!

Selecting Your Next Plant Location

Justin Erickson and Royce Pavelka
Manufacturers Alliance Podcast Ep. #72

Enjoy this week’s episode featuring Justin Erickson and Royce Pavelka with The Brookshire Company, as we talk about the top site selection mistakes they’ve seen made, and what you can do to avoid them.

2022 Manufacturer of the Year Winners

Kent Djubek, Kirby Sneen, Dale Hentges, & Brian L. Johnson,
Manufacturers Alliance Podcast Ep. #69

The winners of the 2022 Manufacturer of the Year Award Winners share their growth, lessons learned, and what they are most excited for in the coming year!

Better, Faster Project Management

Scottie Holmes
Manufacturers Alliance Podcast Ep. #70

Great companies know how to set goals, figure out what barriers they are facing, and develop a plan to overcome those barriers. But that’s not the hard part – The hard part is executing on the projects that make up the plan! Enjoy this week’s conversation with 30-year project management veteran Scottie Holmes as he shares how to overcome these challenges and a few more.

Three Tools Every Problem Solver Must Know

Kirby Sneen & Brittany Bowling
Manufacturers Alliance Podcast Ep. #69

On this week’s episode, Kirby Sneen and Brittany Bowling discuss the three tools every problem solver must know, the value they bring when applied, and examples from member companies and the Manufacturers Alliance team.

Budgeting for Your CI Training

Jon Sillerud
Manufacturers Alliance Podcast Ep. #68

If you’ve ever been denied training because of a lack of funding, or are apprehensive about approaching the boss for a bigger training budget, you won’t want to miss this conversation with Jon Sillerud, the VP of operations for Uponor.