Learn how your peers are improving, validate you’re doing it right, and see best practices in action.


Peer Groups Can Help You:

  • Build a network to help you improve and grow
  • See best practices in action while on benchmarking tours
  • Lead with more confidence by having your own board of advisors
  • Make better business decisions with new tools and strategies
  • Know that you are not alone

“Peer groups have allowed me to expand my network of professionals in manufacturing and gain valuable insight on current topics in the industry. In addition to the presentations and knowledge sharing sessions, participating in tours and benchmarking other companies has given me insight to make my company better.”

Angie Wordell, EVP Operations, Graco Inc.

The process to join a peer group

  • Step 1

    Select a group

  • Step 2

    Attend as our guest

  • Step 3

    Join the group

  • Step 4

    Become a better leader

Take the first step

Email Monica Smith at and she will guide you through the process to determine which peer group is a good fit for you.