2023 Podcast Resource


Problem Solving Template Bundle

Episode #92

Professional Team Leader Preview

Episode #89

Building a Strong Safety Culture

Episode #88

Online Sr. Operations Peer Group Meeting

Episode #87

Kaizen Mistakes to Avoid

Episode #86

Download our free one page guide to Kaizen Mistakes to avoid


Episode #85

Fillable PDF templates include 5 why, fishbone, and 4W + 2 H

Coachability Book Giveaway

Episode #84

Request your complimentary copy of Coachability: The Leadership Superpower.

Human Resources Peer Group

Episode #83

Connect with other professionals, and learn how other people in your role use media to impact every area of their business!

The 8 Wastes

Episode #82

In this video straight from the Professional Problem Solver Certification, you will learn how to Identify and eliminate the 8 forms of waste.

Root Cause Analysis Problem Solving Bundle

Episode #81

Download three printable and filalble forms from our Professional Problem Solver and Lean Practitioner Certification

Attend a Peer Group

Episode #80

Live from our Peer Group Mega Meeting. Learn more about how you can leverage the perspective of your peers, by attending a meeting as our guest.