Custom Training & Coaching

Develop a critical mass of better leaders and problem solvers all using similar improvement techniques and speaking the same language

Your Time & Location

We customize training to fit your workforce needs, timeline, and improvement plans and if you are looking for additional support, combine coaching with training to help with implementation. Our approach to customized training includes helping teams with:

  • Drawing out the expertise in people
  • Improving thinking & behaviors through practice
  • Capitalizing on individuals’ strengths to hit goals
  • Setting up a path to sustain your success
  • In-person, online, or a combination of both delivery options

“Teaming up with the Manufacturers Alliance to roll out our lean practitioner certification program has significantly raised our performance and application of Operational Excellence methods for our entire company.”

Gary Olson, Director of Operational Excellence, JunoPacific, Cretex

The Process to Customize Your Training

  • Step 1

    Contact Monica Smith

  • Step 2

    Map out your needs and customize a plan

  • Step 3

    Execute the training

  • Step 4

    See your team succeed

Take the first step

Email Monica Smith at and she will guide you through the process of mapping out your needs, developing a plan, executing the training and seeing your team apply what they learn.