Custom Training

Develop a critical mass of leaders and problem solvers all using similar improvement techniques and speaking the same language

Customization Helps You

  • Develop a critical mass of leaders
  • Get everyone speaking the same language
  • Reach measurable results
  • Train at your time and location
  • Combine in-person & online options

“The customized training provided meaningful support for our team to work through a process to manage improvements daily. ”

Mark Hendrickson, VP of Operations Landscape Structures Inc.

The Process to Customize Your Training

  • Step 1

    Schedule a meeting

  • Step 2

    Map out your needs

  • Step 3

    Develop a plan

  • Step 4

    See your team succeed

Take the first step

Monica will guide you through the process to customize your training by mapping out your needs, developing a plan, and ensuring you see your team succeed.



Get started with

3 steps to minimize the cost for your custom training

If you’re wondering how to bring custom lean and leadership training to your workplace, this guide will walk you step-by-step through the process.