Peer Group Coaching

Peer Group  what is it?

Peer Group Coaching helps you

  • Know you’re doing it right
  • Receive unbiased feedback
  • Gain perspective from a third party
  • Stop feeling stuck
  • Clarify what to do next
  • Stay motivated to tackle the  issue

What is  Peer Group Coaching?

It’s only for peer group members that want answers to lean or leadership related questions. Members can access Coaching at no cost via zoom meetings that are up to 60 minutes.

The Process to Access eCoaching is Simple

  • Step 1

    Schedule a call

  • Step 2

    Connect with a Coach

  • Step 3

    Apply what you learn

  • Step 4

    Schedule the next call

Frequently asked questions

How much does this cost?
It is a complimentary member only benefit

What questions are typical?
How do I get to the root cause without people getting defensive?
How do I get the tribal knowledge out of our team and documented?
How do can we sustain our 5S?

When can I call?
Schedule a call with a coach M-F 1:00pm-4:00pm CST