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Our website receives over 300 hits on average per day. Give your open position the visibility it needs. Postings are complimentary for member companies, only $119 for non-members, and are for technical, professional, and executive roles. To give your job posting a social media and email marketing boost contact Lydia Loges about our Job Posting Boost option at

Compensation Survey

Ensure your wages are in-line with the greater metro manufacturing market. Our annual compensation and benefits survey includes over 176 positions and participation from over 200 manufacturing companies.

Legal Hotline
Member companies have access to professional advice on employment law and labor related concerns. Callers are limited to current Manufacturers Alliance manufacturing members with either Human Resources or Executive responsibilities.
Post a Resume - View Jobs
Our website receives over 300 hits on average per day. Give your  resume the visibility it needs. All resume postings are complimentary  and meant or technical, professional, and executive roles. 

Subsidized Training

Manufacturing professionals in job-transition need to stay active and current in continuous improvement and leadership best practices. However, it may be difficult to invest in yourself while between positions. Certifications offered by the Manufacturers Alliance may be paid for by a third-party such as a MN Workforce Center.

MN Manufacturers Network

The Minnesota Manufacturers Network is a group supported by the  Manufacturers Alliance to help individuals find meaningful employment in their respective fields in manufacturing. Members are typically seeking  management or executive roles in manufacturing organizations. Contact Kirby Sneen at for more information.
5S Garage DVD
In a setting that should be familiar to everyone, the typical household garage, viewers are taken through each step of the 5S process from Sort through Sustain. Along the way, the 8 wastes are identified and removed using the 5S process. Call 763-533-8239 to learn more. 

Errand Run DVD
The purpose of the Errand Run video is twofold. First, get people thinking of their jobs in terms of a value stream. That is, a stream of activities that can be split into value adding work and nonvalue adding waste. Second, show individuals how to create value stream maps to identify and eliminate waste. Call 763-533-8239 to learn more.

Lean Lingo
A guide and reference piece of continuous improvement terms you need to know, in brief.

Scholarship Program
A Scholarship will be awarded every Fall valued at $2,400 and is redeemable for leadership and continuous improvement training or certification from the Manufacturers Alliance
Read about local manufacturers making strides to improve and grow their buiness, stay on top of supplier trends, and the economic condition of MN manufacturing.

Featuring local manufacturing leaders and their experience on topics including: Lean Leadership, Culture, Continuous Improvement techniques, and Lean systems.

Member Directory
Connect with fellow member manufacturers with our online member directory.