Employee Engagement Series

In order to meet today’s demands every employee must be engagement. That’s why we created this complimentary 4-part video series.

Featuring Matt Kanz

In this video you will learn

  • How the 40-40-20 rule will help you increase employee engagement
  • Implementation guidelines for the 40-40-20 rule
  • Straight forward advice to start practicing this today

Featuring Leigh Erickson

In this video you will learn

  • Involving people in running the business without taking advantage of it
  • A step by step process to hand over control and accountability
  • Practical tips to put this into practice and overcome barriers you’ll face

Featuring Helen Swanson

In this video you will learn

  • How to let everyone on your team know that their voice matters
  • The elements you need to improve your team meetings
  • Personal experiences from Helen to implement this strategy

Featuring Kelly Hansen

In this video you will learn

  • How to pinpoint development opportunities
  • Determine individual development needs
  • Identify training opportunities