Manufacturer of the Year Awards & Conference

Join us live, online September 29, 2020 for the 24th Annual Manufacturer of the Year Awards and Conference.  


Keynote: Building and Sustaining an Engaged Workforce
Matt Kanz, Director of Continuous Improvement at Jack Link's Protein Snacks

High performance comes from people working together, however transformational performance is created by those same individuals being engaged. This engagement is built with core elements that if done correctly will also sustain it long term. Matt’s approach to this process of building and sustaining an engaged workforce will be the focus of his Keynote.




The Manufacturers Alliance annual Manufacturer of the Year Award Ceremony and Conference brings local manufacturers together to celebrate and recognize manufacturers that share improvement experiences with fellow manufacturers in a cooperative fashion. 

Each year, an Award is presented for each of three categories: 

  • Companies with fewer than 100 employees   
  • Companies with 100 – 400 employees   
  • Companies with +400 employees   


Nominees are typically several years into their Lean journey and actively involved in education and training of all associates. These companies also embrace the spirit of cooperation and business community involvement. 

Award winners are selected based on peer recognition and demonstration of sharing continuous improvement experiences that contribute to the strength of the local manufacturing community. Examples of participation and sharing experiences include the following activities:

  • Manufacturing related seminars
  • Plant benchmarking tours
  • Publishing articles or blogs
  • Leadership or teaching in manufacturing organizations
  • Sponsoring peer mentoring programs 
  • Peer recommendations from outside your company




Sponsoring the Manufacturer of the Year Award Ceremony is a great way to build your brand and reputation among Minnesota manufacturers and the local business community. The event draws 450+ attendees each year. Attendees range from Owners, Executives, Managers to those responsible for front line supervision. Contact Monica Smith,