Membership Levels

Company Membership
Hundreds of leading local manufacturers trust the Manufacturers Alliance for their training needs in the pursuit of operational excellence. Our mission is to inspire and equip manufacturers with the skills and tools to continuously grow, improve, and stay competitive. We do so as a community of peers, learning from the deep experiences of fellow practitioners.

"I've always recommended the company membership because of the exceptional manufacturing specific training, education, and resources." 
Brian Rome, VP Operations, Versare

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Peer Group Membership
Members of Peer Groups meet monthly at a host site to collect input on challenges from experienced peers and to benchmark leading manufacturers. If you want to have your own board of advisors and look beyond your four walls for best practices, attend a session as a guest and see if Peer Group membership is a fit for you. Peer Group membership is intended for Managers, Directors, and Executives working in local manufacturing organizations.

"I recommend Peer Group membership because it provides valuable insight & benchmarking opportunities focused on current manufacturing challenges." 
Angie Wordell, Director of Operations, Graco

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