Custom Training & Coaching


If you're looking to develop a critical mass of problem solvers all using similar improvement techniques and speaking the same language, partner with the Manufacturers Alliance. We customize and tailor training to fit your workforce needs, timeline, and improvement plans. Training may be delivered at your facility or our training center. Previous customizations have included:

  • Lean Manufacturing
  • 6 Sigma Green Belt Problem Solving
  • Supervision Fundamentals

The Manufacturers Alliance will provide referrals to State Funded Training Grants whenever possible.  We will turn to reputable, local colleges to help the manufacturer find the best resource. We have long-term experience in these areas and testimonials from members that we will share.


"Teaming up with the Manufacturers Alliance to roll out our Customized Certification Program has significantly raised our knowledge of Operational Excellence. It has been a pleasure working with them."

Gary Olson
Director of Operational Excellence
JunoPacific, Cretex 



It can be difficult to sustain improvements especially if you need a more cohesive team. Additionally, it’s one thing to send individuals to training to address these problems, it’s another to have a coach combine training with implementation. You should be the expert; your thinking and behaviors should reinforce your systems and process. Coaching can help you improve and sustain your success.

Our approach to Lean and Leadership coaching includes supporting individuals and teams with:

  • Drawing out the expertise in people
  • Improving thinking & behaviors through practice
  • Capitalizing on individuals’ strengths to hit goals
  • Setting up a path towards long term success


“Coaching provided intimate and meaningful support for our team to effectively work through a new process to manage daily improvements.”

Mark Hendrickson
VP of Operations
Landscape Structures Inc.


To learn more about how the Manufacturers Alliance can partner with you on onsite training or coaching contact Lydia Loges at or 763-383-9445. 

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