Peer Group Catalog

HR Executive

HR Head, Director or VP

Members of this group oversee multi-site organizations, and focus on workforce strategy, employment brand, and employee value proposition.

Discussion Topics Include:

• Creating & sustaining culture
• Preparing for organizational change
• Retention & compensation
• Succession planning
• Leadership development
• Recruiting & onboarding

Typical Company Size 300 – 1,000 employees

Senior Operations

COO, VP, Director, Operations, Manufacturing

Members of this group oversee single site strategies for value stream margin and plant capabilities.

Discussion Topics Include:

• Implementing daily management
• Leading & coaching teams
• Tiered accountability
• Aligning KPIs & metrics with goals
• Creating & sustaining culture
• Succession planning

Typical Company Size 50 – 500 employees

Operations Management

Manager or Director

Members of this group have multi-department responsibility, and are responsible for capacity planning, positive labor relations.

Discussion Topics Include:

• Problem-solving
• Creating & sustaining culture
• Employee engagement on the floor
• Training processes & accountability
• KPIs & metrics aligning to goals
• Lean manufacturing

Typical Company Size 50-500 employees

Continuous Improvement

Lean, CI, Operational Excellence Coordinator/Manager, or Green Belt

Members of this group oversee coordinating improvements, executing plans, training in problem solving.

Discussion Topics Include:

• Developing a Lean culture
• Gemba walks & tiered accountability
• Standardize & sustain 5S
• Coach for continuous improvement
• Problem-solving
• Leader standard work

Typical Company Size 50-500 employees

Advanced Lean Enterprise

Lean, CI, Operational Excellence Manager/Director Black belt

Members from this group are responsible for developing improvement plans, systems and practices, typically for multi-site organizations.

Discussion Topics Include:

• Change management
• Energizing CI programs
• Leader standard work
• Strategy deployment
• Employee engagement
• Lean innovation

Typical Company Size 300-1000 employees

HR Management

HR Manager or Sr. HR Generalist

Members of this group are from a single site, and are responsible for recruiting, training, compensation, and employee relations.

Discussion Topics Include:

• Recruiting, on-boarding & training
• Change management & influence
• Compensation, benefits & retention
• Developing leaders
• Succession planning
• Employee engagement

Typical Company Size 50-500 employees

Safety Management

EHS Manager/Director, Safety Manager/Director

Discussion Topics Include:

• Building a Safety Culture
• Incident mangement & ergonomics
• Safety communications
• Developing a safety committee
• Gaining support from leadership

Typical Company Size 50-500 employees


CEO, President, General Manager

Financial Executive

Controller, VP Finance, CFO

Production Management

Production Manager or Supervisor

Members of this group manage production schedules, have single department responsibility, and ensure safe working conditions.

Discussion Topics Include:

• Managing complex workflows
• KPIs & metrics
• Visual management/5S
• Building & sustaining CI programs
• Handling confrontation

Typical Company Size 50-500 employees

Quality Management

Quality Manager/Director

Sales and Marketing


Supply Chain Management

Supply Chain Manager/Director, Procurement, logistics, warehouse

Engineering Leadership

Engineering Manager, Director