Professional Problem Solver Certification

Introductory, on-demand process improvement training


  • Learn the language of lean
  • Eliminate waste
  • Contribute more to improvement projects
  • Refresh Lean Practitioner skills
  • Improve processes

Members: $550 per person
Non-members: No Access

“This will help us retain employees who want to learn and earn more all while spending less time in a classroom. ”

Scott Bliss, VP Operations, Innovize

“Some people don’t like to learn in a classroom setting. This will help us invest in people who want to learn independently and at their own pace. ”

Melissa Sawin, COO, Pella Northland


3 On-demand Courses + Coaching

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5 Videos 1 Hour
This first course consists of 5 video lessons each with workbook exercises. After completing the course you will understand the PDCA cycle, 8-wastes, and how to write the 6-parts of a clear problem statement. The application of these techniques will help you get the resources you need from management and avoid having to rework a problem.

Course Outline:

• Define a process and a problem: 10 Mins
• Identify and eliminate the 8 wastes: 20 Mins
• How to write a problem statement: 10 Mins
• Learn the PDCA process: 10 Mins
• Learn to find common problems: 10 Mins

4 Videos 35 Minutes
The second course is made up of 4 video lessons and workbook exercises. After completing the course you will understand the best practices of 5-why’s and fishbone diagrams. The application of these techniques will help you avoid addressing symptoms and prevent firefighting.

Course Outline:

• Define Symptoms & Causes: 10 Mins
• Using the 5-why’s method: 10 Mins
• Using the fishbone method: 10 Mins
• Avoiding Common mistakes: 5 Mins

9 Videos 2 Hours 20 Minutes
The third course is made up of 9 separate video lessons and workbook exercises. After completing the course you will understand what 5S, Visual Management, Kanban, Mistake Proofing and Standard Work are as well as how they can be used to improve processes. The application of these techniques will help you avoid confusing activity with results.

Course Outline:

• Learn standard work: 15 Min
• Learn 5S: 20 Min
• Learn visual management: 15 Min
• Learn mistake proofing: 20 Min
• Learn kanban & material flow: 20 Min
• Impact vs. difficulty decisions: 10 Min
• Quick wins & improvement projects: 15 Min
• Verifying the impact of improvement: 15 Min
• The mindset of a problem solver: 10 Min

Scheduled coaching sessions are encouraged, not required, after each of the three courses. The three coaching sessions will be live-online and approximately 20-minutes each. If you want more than 3 coaching sessions feel free to schedule as many as you need to. We know that coaching will help you:

• Complete the application exercises in your workbook
• Overcome barriers to applying what you learn
• Never feel stuck or alone
• Know that you are doing it right

Members: $550 per person
Non-members: No Access

Meet Your


Kara Slocum

Kara is the Director of Operations at Artistic Finishes, Inc. She brings with her over 15 years of experience in facilitating, managing and leading Continuous Improvement efforts including 100+ Kaizen activities.

Peter Fritsche

Peter is the Vice President, Business Process Optimization at ACIST Medical and a Six Sigma Black Belt. He has over 25 years of design, operations, and quality leadership experience. During his career, he has supported complex, high technology products manufactured in multiple international facilities in a wide variety of industries

Matt Kanz

Matt is Senior Vice President of Human Resources for Jack Link’s Protein Snacks. He was most recently their Director of Continuous Improvement. Matt supports a global network of locations, feeding team members wild side through sustainable change.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who is this on-demand certification for?
Operators, Specialists, Technicians, Manufacturing or Quality Engineers

What is the time commitment?
On-demand courses and exercises may be completed in 1-2 months

How much does the training cost?
Members: $550 per person / Non-members: no access


Members: $550 per person
Non-members: No Access


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