The Professional Problem Solver

Problem Solving Bundle

The 8 Forms of Waste

Kara Slocum

The 5 Why Method

Peter Fritsche

Impact -vs- Difficulty Matrix

Matt Kanz

If problems are only being solved by leadership, no wonder people are stressed, frustrated and burnt out.

The Professional Problem Solver Certification was designed to help everyone on your team develop the skills to identify problems, get to the root cause, and implement improvements.

The training’s new microlearning format provides:

  • Short on-demand mobile friendly videos, to watch anywhere, anytime
  • Video review, so you can re-watch and save key concepts
  • Interactive PDF workbook
  • Live 1:1 coaching, so you can apply concepts to your everyday job

Whether you are new to continuous improvement, want to sharpen your current skills, or need a refresher to take your team to the next level, the Professional Problem Solver Certification can help you optimize your workforce and stop missing opportunities.




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