Professional Team Leader Certification

Introductory, on-demand leadership training


  • Identify your strengths as a leader
  • Improve communication
  • Increase engagement
  • Implement changes that last
  • Lead a team that sticks together

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“This will help us retain employees who want to learn and earn more all while spending less time in a classroom. ”

Scott Bliss, President, Innovize

“Some people don’t like to learn in a classroom setting. This will help us invest in people who want to learn independently and at their own pace. ”

Melissa Sawin, COO, Pella Northland


3 On-demand Courses + Coaching

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6 Videos 1 Hour 5 Minutes Total
This first course is made up of 6 on-demand lessons and workbook exercises. After completing the course you will learn what motivates you, your strengths, and communication style. Applying these skills will help you overcome the challenge of “letting go” so you can accomplish more hands-on work together, stop worrying about everyone liking you, and confidently lead a team.

Course Outline:

• Understand why you to want to lead: 10 Min
• Aquire the mindset of a leader: 10 Min
• Identifying your communication style: 20 Min
• Manage your time and energy: 10 Min
• Seeking accountability: 10 Min
• Tieing it all together: 5 Min

12 Videos 2 Hours 30 Minutes Total
This second course is made up of 12 on-demand lessons and workbook exercises. After completing the course you will know how to provide day-to-day direction, prevent conflict, improve communication, and build trust among team members. Applying these skills will help you further transition from friend to leader and develop a team that wants to stick together.

Course Outline:

• Transitioning from friend to leader: 20 Min
• Skills to communicate like a leader: 20 Min
• Clarify roles, goals, and expectations: 10 Min
• Delegate daily tasks: 15 Min
• Run effective meetings: 10 Min
• Evaluate job performance: 10 Min
• Evaluate job satisfaction: 15 Min
• Give and receive feedback: 10 Min
• Reward & recognize performance: 10 Min
• Guide people through change: 10 Min
• Develop problem solvers: 12 Min
• How your behavior creates culture: 10 Min

8 Videos 1 hour 20 Minutes Total
This third and final course is made up of 8 on-demand lessons and workbook exercises. You will learn how to adapt your communication style, sell your ideas, and sync up priorities. Applying these skills will help you become more versatile, be on the same page as your boss, and implement changes that stick.

Course Outline:

• Put yourself in their shoes: 10 Min
• Synchronize priorities & expectations: 10 Min
• Communicate clearly with your boss: 10 Min
• Sell your ideas and get to win/win: 10 Min
• Ask for performance feedback: 10 Min
• Get to know your boss & peers: 10 Min
• Lead across when not the boss: 10 Min
• Leading cross-functional teams: 10 Min

Scheduled coaching sessions are encouraged, not required, after each of the three courses. The three coaching sessions will be live-online and approximately 20-minutes each. If you want more than three coaching sessions feel free to schedule as many as you need. We know that coaching will help you:

• Complete the application exercises in your workbook
• Overcome barriers to applying what you learn
• Never feel stuck or alone
• Know that you are doing it right

Members: $550 per person
Non-members: No Access

Meet Your


Jessica Lyons

Jessica Lyons is the Director of People and Culture at Accraply, a Barry-Wehmiller company that designs and manufactures label application equipment. Jessica has previously held HR Leadership roles in electrical control panel manufacturing, condiment packaging, and automation equipment. She graduated from the University of Minnesota with a degree in Mass Communications, Economics, and Management, and is working toward her MBA.

Kelly Hansen

Kelly is the Senior Vice President of People and Culture for Veit. She has over 20+ years of experience developing people and organizations and has a passion in helping others become the best version of themselves through leadership development and coaching.

Diane Bartels

Diane Bartels is a retired Division Operations Manager for Parker Hannifin, where she directed the production processes across QCD’s four plants. Her leadership helped the division achieve exceptional earnings and cash flow, even during the pandemic. She led strategies to transform culture to meet KPI objectives including Strategy Deployment, Change Management, High Performance Teams, Lean, and Problem Solving.



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Frequently Asked Questions

Who is this on-demand certification for?
Leads, Supervisors, Operators, Technicians, & Engineers

What is the time commitment?
On-demand courses and exercises may be completed in 1-2 months

How much does the training cost?
Members: $550 per person / Non-members: no access

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