Professional Yellow Belt Certification

Introductory, on-demand 6 Sigma training


  • Solve problems with DMAIC
  • Increase yield
  • Contribute more to improvement projects
  • Decrease scrap and rework
  • Learn 6 Sigma without complicated statistics

Members: $550 $350 per person until 5/14
Non-members: $750 per person

“This will help us retain employees who want to learn and earn more all while spending less time in a classroom. ”

Scott Bliss, President, Innovize

“Some people don’t like to learn in a classroom setting. This will help us invest in people who want to learn independently and at their own pace. ”

Melissa Sawin, COO, Pella Northland


3 On-demand Courses + Coaching

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11 Videos 2 Hours Total
This first course is made up of 11 on-demand lessons and workbook exercises. After completing the course you will learn what a process and problem are, measurement techniques, and how DMAIC is used to improve performance. Applying these skills will help you understand that without a standard there can be no improvement and that if you don’t measure something you don’t really understand it.

Course Outline:

• The DMAIC problem solving process: 15 Min
• Knowing what your customer wants and business needs: 10 Min
• What is a process and a problem: 10 Min
• How projects are picked: 10 Min
• Defining inputs and outputs with Flow Diagrams, Process Maps, & SIPOC: 20 Min
• Defining inputs and outputs with a fishbone diagram: 15 Min
• What is a baseline and why do you need it: 5 Min
• Project Charters and how they help: 10 Min
• Types of data and typical metrics: 15 Min
• Creating a plan to collect data: 5 Min
• Ensure your measurements are accurate with MSA: 10 Min

9 Videos 1 Hour 30 Minutes Total
This second course is made up of 9 on-demand lessons and workbook exercises. After completing the course you will understand patterns and trends in the data you collect so it can be turned in opportunities for improvement and close performance gaps. Applying these skills will help you understand that correlation does not assume causation and to not confuse activity with results!

Course Outline:

• Statistics made simple – Mean, median, Y = F(x), normal distribution: 15 Min
• Statistics made simple – variation, common cause, special cause, process capability: 10 Min
• Creating a pareto chart: 10 Min
• Histograms and scatterplots: 5 Min
• Control charts and FMEA diagrams: 10 Min
• Ranking and prioritizing with cause and effect: 10 Min
• Creating a 5-Why diagram: 15 Min
• Mistake Proofing: 15 Min
• Validating your improvements impact: 10 Min

6 Videos 1 hour Total
This third and final course is made up of 6 on-demand lessons and workbook exercises. You will learn how to ensure new routines, practices, and processes are locked-in so backsliding is prevented and new standards are sustained. Applying these skills will help you understand that improvement is not an act, it’s a habit.

Course Outline:

• Your role in developing SOP’s: 10 Min
• Translating expertise into training plans: 10 Min
• Sustaining with the 4W’s: 15 Min
• What is ISO and how does it help: 5 Min
• Recognizing and celebrating the success of others: 5 Min
• The mindset of a Professional Yellow Belt: 10 Min

Scheduled coaching sessions are encouraged, not required, after each of the three courses. The three coaching sessions will be live-online and approximately 20-minutes each. If you want more than three coaching sessions feel free to schedule as many as you need. We know that coaching will help you:

• Complete the application exercises in your workbook
• Overcome barriers to applying what you learn
• Know that you are doing it right

Members: $550 $350 per person until 5/14
Non-members: $750 per person

Your Instructor

Susan Weum is a Professional Six Sigma Black Belt and Chemical Engineer, with extensive experience in Aerospace, Engineered Plastics, Semiconductor, and Medical Device industries. Her background includes R&D, Manufacturing Operations, Technical Sales, Laboratory Management, New Product Development, and Project Management. She is a retired Project and Continuous Improvement leader from Smiths Medical.




Deadline to Register: May 14th, 2024
Members: $350 per person
Non-members: $750 per person


Deadline to Register: July 13th, 2024
Members: $350 per person
Non-members: $750 per person


We customize training to fit your team needs, timeline, and improvement plans.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who is this on-demand certification for?
Operators, Technicians, Inspectors, Auditors, Engineers, Leads

What is the time commitment?
On-demand courses and exercises may be completed in 1-2 months

Will participants need minitab?
No, this is 6 Sigma training without complicated statistics

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