Supervision Fundamentals Certification

Help your front line leaders minimize your company’s risk and maximize your team’s positive performance, communication, and cohesiveness.

To ensure your company’s long-term success, effective supervision and leadership needs to be in place. However, all too often those with the best individual performance are promoted to lead and supervise others without adequate training. How do you minimize your company’s risk and maximize your team’s positive performance and cohesiveness? The Supervision Fundamentals Certification is a practical application program that includes:

  • Practical, interactive workshops with current examples
  • Online practice exam after each required workshop
  • Two practical application projects representing newly acquired knowledge
  • Online tools and templates to help implement techniques learned
  • Online coaching to help you apply what you learn


In-person Program Details

Online Program Details



“I have been a supervisor for 7 years and found this certification very beneficial. I highly recommend this to anyone new to supervision or those that want to brush up on their management skills.”

Matt Armbruster, Supply Chain Director, LAI International, Inc.