Developing an Army of Problem Solvers

Developing an Army of Problem Solvers

Diane Bartels
Manufacturers Alliance Podcast Ep. #53

In this episode Diane Bartels and Kirby Sneen discuss how you can leverage your success, attack the red, and draw out the natural problem-solving capability in all of us.


The idea of developing a critical mass of people at your company to be able to solve their own problems can sound great but can leave you wondering where and how to start.


But you’ve got to figure out because you know it will lead to a competitive advantage and you know it will help you retain talent and you know that developing the skill sets of others is the right thing to do for your company and the industry because problems never go away, new ones present themselves.


Diane Bartels is a strategic division operations manager at Parker Hannifin where she guides us through how to do this from a position of strength where you can leverage your successes and attack what is red from a position of green and draw out that natural problem-solving capability in all of us.


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