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Blake Explores Manufacturing

Amanda Gregory & Joe House
Manufacturers Alliance Podcast Ep. #120

If you’ve ever wondered how to talk to your kids about your job or are looking for an easy way to support more kids learning about manufacturing your going to love this conversation. Keep listening and I promise you’ll feel equipped to talk to anyone about your profession in manufacturing.

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Learning to Deal with Conflict

Jessica Lyons
Manufacturers Alliance Podcast Ep. #119

Everyone needs a plan to prevent or be prepared to deescalate conflict, so you don’t avoid it or let your nerves get the best of you. For all kinds of practical tips and real world experience on how you can deal with conflict enjoy this Podcast with HR leader Jessica Lyons.

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Using DMAIC to Solve Problems

Scott Helgeson & Andrew Maruska
Manufacturers Alliance Podcast Ep. #118

If you want to improve performance and feel great about it along the way your going to appreciate this conversation with Scott Helgeson and Andrew Maruska with Chart Industries. They will walk you through their 6 Sigma projects and how they helped improve quality and communication.

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HR’s Role in Talent Development

Sarah Lampert
Manufacturers Alliance Podcast Ep. #117

On today’s episode, Sarah Lampert shares what it takes to successfully drive workforce development, get your leadership team on the same page, and overcome some of the biggest challenges HR leaders face.

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Servant Leadership – Leading Jesus Way

Greg Flint
Manufacturers Alliance Podcast Ep. #116

If you’re interested in faith-based leadership principles and want to incorporate them into your leadership style so that you can helps others make an eternal impact, you’re going to love this episode. We’ve invited the President and COO of Cold Spring Granite, Greg Flint to talk about these principles and how he has applied them, so you can too!

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The Executives Role in Developing a CI Culture

Todd Roth
Manufacturers Alliance Podcast Ep. #115

Are you a manufacturing executive who is wondering about your role in fostering a culture of Continuous Improvement? You’re going to love today’s Podcast episode featuring Todd Roth.

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Developing a Lean Production System

Matt Colby
Manufacturers Alliance Podcast Ep. #114

For those of you who have struggled with using Lean tools, or who have felt like they have done more harm than good, today’s guest Matt Colby is going to help you learn what you can do to use Lean systems to increase engagement, solve problems, and get real business results!

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Leadership and Workforce Development Executive Panel 

Heather Stewart and Jon Lund
Manufacturers Alliance Podcast Ep. #113

On this week’s episode, you get to hear the executive perspectives panel from that meeting. Enjoy our conversation as we discuss leadership and workforce development.

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Developing High-Caliber Teams

Jason Postelli
Manufacturers Alliance Podcast Ep. #112

This week we’re talking with Jason Postelli, the Program Manager of Operational Excellence for Abbott. He shares what he’s done to develop high-caliber teams throughout his career, so that you can, too!


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Top Takeaways From 2023

Kirby Sneen and Brittany Bowling
Manufacturers Alliance Podcast Ep. #111

On this week’s episode, we hope that you are inspired by Kirby Sneen and Brittany Bowling, as they share their favorite episode, and biggest takeaway from 2023!


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