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Kaizen events are one of the most powerful tools to accomplishing your big improvement goals.

Join us to learn how to learn practical skills that well help you and your team take your Kaizen Events to the next level and make them successful!

Have you ever been tempted to ignore toxic behavior from a key employee who is getting results?

The stakes are higher when you have to confront an employee who is getting results, but negatively impacting the performance of others. Managers are tempted to ignore toxic behavior when the performance results are there, but that choice will only lead to long-term losses and stunt your growth.

You’ve worked hard to create a Continuous Improvement Culture and you don’t want to see your efforts forgotten, put on the back burner, or abandoned due to changes in leadership.

If you’re wondering what you can do to sustain your Lean culture through change and transition, you won’t want to miss this.