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Successfully having high stakes conversations that involve sensitive topics, strong personalities or conflicting priorities is an essential skill for senior leaders.

Join us and learn how you can strategically plan your communication, say what needs to be said with confidence, and help everyone move forward regardless of the circumstances.

Whether it’s new government regulations or an uptick in customer demand, growth dictates big changes and that won’d happen unless every team member is on-board. Leaders responsible for responding to increases in demand must have interpersonal and problem-solving skills.

Join us to learn how your peers are scaling up workforce development now so your company is ready for your next big change.

“We tried that and it didn’t work” How many time have you hear that before? The problem is that this failed attempt was two years ago and so much has changed but the mindset hasn’t.

Join us to learn how your peers are overcoming this barrier to making improvements so you can to.

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