Compensation & Benefits Survey

Don’t let employee compensation become a barrier to employee engagement. Use our wage survey to make sure you are inline with the market.


190+ survey jobs

  • Hourly production, support, and management wages
  • Executive, office, and sales salaries
  • Wage increase percentages and premium pay practices
  • Participant profile, ranking your wages against participants
  • A complimentary workshop on how to interpret the survey
  • Plus! The Manufacturing Trends Report




The 2022 Survey Features

200+ participating companies

The Manufacturers Alliance is pleased to present the Manufacturing Compensation & Benefits Survey©. This survey report is rich in features designed to enable you to assess your company’s compensation and benefits. In 2021, 209 companies with a combined total of over 60,000 employees in the Twin Cities metro and surrounding areas submitted compensation and benefits data for the survey.


We want to hear from you! We are always looking for ways to make the Wage Survey better. If you have suggestions for jobs you would like to see included in future surveys, or suggestions for other ways we can improve the Survey, please fill out our Wage Survey Feedback Form.


The Manufacturing Compensation & Benefits Survey© does not disclose information that could be associated with an individual survey participant. All survey data submitted by participants is protected at all times and provided on the basis that the data will be confidential. Our survey is administered in partnership with Altura Consulting Group and in compliance with anti-trust guidelines.