Peer Group Membership

Hundreds of leaders from manufacturing companies are members of a peer group to collect input on challenges from experienced peers and for opportunities to benchmark leading manufacturers. If you want to have your own board of advisors and look beyond your four walls for best practices, attend a session as a guest and see if membership is a fit for you. 


  • Relationships with peers that foster improvement and growth
  • Benchmarking tours of other leading manufacturing companies
  • Discussion of best practices and sensitive issues in a confidential forum
  • Share tools, templates, and contacts through our online forum
  • Discounts for workshops and certification classes
  • PLUS! Company Membership in the Manufacturers Alliance at no cost

“Peer groups have been a great experience, allowing me to expand my network of professionals in manufacturing and gain valuable insight on current topics in the industry. In addition to the presentations and knowledge sharing sessions, participating in tours and benchmarking other companies has given me further insight to make my company better.”  -Angie W., Vice President Operations, Graco Inc.





For information about Peer Group Membership, please contact Megan Dawson at